Matthew's Bio

I love stories - reading them, writing them, and, especially, telling them. And the Bible is full of the greatest stories ever told!

For years, I’ve been passionate about helping people have a dynamic encounter with the Bible, bringing its stories to life in a way that reminds us that the Scriptures are about real people with real emotions. More importantly, those stories can bring about real change in our lives.

I’ve been bringing stories to life on stage in church, community, and academic settings for a couple of decades now. I’ve worked professionally as an actor, director, voice over artist, and professor, but a few years ago I decided to take my storytelling skills to a new level. I enrolled in a Master of Fine Arts program in classical acting, and, as I hoped, it challenged me in every way.

Now, as the founder of Lamp and Light Productions, I'm more excited than ever about using my training, experience, and passion to bring the stories of  Scripture to life! If you have any questions about my work or ministry, feel free to use the "Contact" page to e-mail me. I'd love to hear from you.

Education: MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Classical Acting, The George Washington University;  MA in Speech Communication, Miami University of Ohio; BA Communication Arts, Cedarville University

Professional Work: Actor for CATCO, Actor’s Theatre, and the Human Race Theatre. Voice over artist for LeapFrog, Scott’s, LexisNexis, Glencoe Publishing, and more. Associate Professor of Theatre at Cedarville University


See. Hear. Experience

the Word of God.

 Lamp and Light Productions...

...exists to help people see, hear, and experience the power of the Word.

We hope to raise biblical literacy while inspiring audiences with stories of the heroes of the faith--straight from Scripture! Our performances are ideal for churches, schools, conferences, camps, men's groups, and more.


The Performances

Each 40 minutes in length expressing memorable moments in the Scriptures

Paul the Apostle…

is a 40-minute combination of the book of Acts with eight of the epistles to help us feel the passion and power of Paul’s exhortation to the Church! Hear about the exciting life of Paul in the book of Acts and hear from Paul as he challenges and encourages fellow believers in the epistles.

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King David: Scenes from Scripture…

is a dynamic, 40-minute retelling of King David’s triumphs and tragedies straight from five books of the Old Testament. The performance weaves together nearly 20 key scenes from David’s life, beginning with his anointing and ending with his death.

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John’s Gospel – So that you may believe…

is a 40-minute performance of selected portions from the book of John. Experience the power of Jesus’ teachings, the miracles, the crucifixion, and the resurrection!

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